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Cleaning powder DESANA MAX blue Sachet, for 4.5 L

Cleaning powder DESANA MAX blue Sachet, for 4.5 L

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Disinfectant cleaner in powder form for beer and beverage lines in dispensing systems

- Perfect hygiene condition of the beverage lines in a simple manner
- chlorine-free, therefore absolutely environmentally friendly
- Clean handling by portioning
- easy verification of purity by color change
- Color indicator offers the same level of safety as laboratory testing For dosing to 4.5 liters of water,

Indicator colors indicate the degree of purity (beige = dirty, green = slightly soiled, purple = microbiologically flawless).

For dispensing systems for BEER or SOFT DRINKS: The TM DESANA MAX fp detergent contains an integrated color indicator and offers the world's first 100% quality assurance and thus optimal drinking pleasure for the consumer at no extra cost.

In addition, TM DESANA MAX fp is absolutely chlorine-free and enables environmentally friendly cleaning at the highest level.

Take a look behind the secret of TM DESANA MAX fp and discover the unique effect of THONHAUSER PERSULFAT TECHNOLOGIE! With increased alkalinity and increased rate of decomposition of the oxidants, the surface tension reducing TM DESANA MAX fp provides even faster cleaning. We have also developed a way to deliver this top product without ADR dangerous goods transport: packaged in handy sachets, it is easily and quickly soluble in powder form and allows for clean handling.